Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My First Impression on Lush Body and Face Scrubs and Henna ღ

    I always read a lot of reviews on Lush products but never tried them before now. They made their products with organic ingredients so, if you have allergic and sensitive skin you should give it try. It is my first time trying their stuff and so far so good.

I got the Rub Rub Rub shower scrub it can be used as shower gel and exfoliate the skin. It has sea salt in it which make your skin peel and soften it. It smell good and refreshing and the result very soft skin. I definitely recommend it .

 The second product I bought is Ocean Salt Cleanser I used at my face only .It claims to peel , brighten and even your skin tone. My skin is acne prone and had hyperpigmantation so I thought that what my skin need. As for the cleansing and peeling it works great I like it ,but for evening skin tone I didn't use it for long time yet and I'm using other products to fix this problem.

The last product is Coco Marron Henna it is natural hair dye . In my culture henna is known for ages and been used for thousands years for hair dying and tattooing . My mom used to dye my hair with henna since I was child. I used this products and to be honest I wasn't impressed with it. I have dark brown hair and the dye didn't change much of my hair colour. I can make better henna mixture that will give me better result than that ,but the only thing I liked about this henna it didn't dry out my hair as all henna do thanks to the coco butter on it. In the end, I don't think I will buy this product again it pricy and not as good as henna that I buy in our local shops.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first impression and would like to read your comments, what do you think about it?