Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Hardest Job in The World

Surly it's parenting. It is the hardest and unpaid job in the world. Having 3 boys is really tough who said you will be their Queen?!. The constant fighting and ignoring me while talking to them is so nerve breaking. Sure I love my kids they make me happy and smile ,but it is never been easy. Always searching for new ways of parenting . For me it is endless knowledge . Best time for me to lecture them about their bad behaviour is in bed time when the are all relaxed  and cuddle together. My post is kind of vent or breath out for me . They have been so tough today and feel so stressed of getting angry with them. Not alone worrying about them. This week been so stressed to me . My 4 years old son has health problem since he was 2 years old and he has been on medication since then.His doctor decided to stop the medication and told me he might relapse and then she might give him stronger medication which is so scary. I couldn't eat or sleep well just trying to think positive and get red of this negative feelings . I have to be strong for them even when I'm not feeling my best . In the end , there is no greater love than mothers love to her children.